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Take the Journey

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Take the Journey is a customized course in self-care and compassion. You learn inspiring rituals to help you de-stress, re-energize and be a little lighter on yourself.  Take the Journey can be done in groups or individually and soon online. There is a full color, 138-page guide, online videos, MP3 recordings and products to take home (products are valued at over $160). Together we explore simple, but powerful Ayurveda and Yoga-based practices that help you...

  • stay strong and flexible

  • find ahh-some ways to rest and relax

  • understand your mind-body type and what that means in terms of self-compassion, healthy eating and best ways to de-stress and re-energize

  • stay optimistic in times of challenges

  • find more self-compassion

  • appreciate yourself more at any stage of your life

"When I did the Take the Journey it helped me notice just how much I had been neglecting myself. It gave me a bit of a jolt to realize I could include self-care in my day-to-day routines. It has given me a wonderful set of tools to work with."    --Chloe Guindon — Photographer, Windward Studio.  More testimonials...

 "One of the things that stood out for me during the course was Lori's enthusiasm, honesty and kindness as the Take the Journey leader. The way Lori opened up to us as a group was such a good example of how to be loving and respectful of ourselves." 
--Joan Tyler, Take the Journey Course Participant.
 More testimonials...

Take the Journey is perfect for you if you are looking for ways to ...

  • take better care of yourself and stop beating yourself up when you "fail"

  • support yourself through life's challenging transitions (think parenting, menopause, retirement...)

  • cope with stress more effectively

  • reclaim your energy

  • re-connect with yourself

"Lori guides us safely and respectfully to discover ways to support our wellbeing in a way that is personalized and can be integrated into daily life. I highly recommend this program."  -- Dr. Josee Labrosse, M.D., MEd. Medical Psychotherapist.   More testimonials...

 Take the Journey One-One

An Individual Journey gives you personalized attention and allows you to refine and customize your practices. You’ll also receive hands-on therapeutic relaxation sessions as part of your experience where applicable. You choose which sessions you want to take and when you want to take them.

Your Investment: $98.00 per session (each session is valued at over $120).

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Take the Journey Group Course

Doing The Journey with a group of gal pals is fun and inspirational. It's a chance to learn, experience and share an ancient wisdom that is even more relevant today than it was 5000 years ago.  There are seven, two-hour classes. In each class you'll learn a different ritual to take good care of yourself and soothe yourself when life gets tough.

We'll make lotions, potions and teas, listen to (and play) Tibetan singing bowls, chant ancient mantras, move our bodies into yoga postures that are right for your mind-body type, go on magical journeys in our minds, learn hand shapes that can change our mood from stressed out to serene, use special tool to help us get clear about what we want and make it happen and learn all about an ancient healing tradition.

WHEN: Next course starts Sept 19, 2019. OR You decide! If you have a group of 6-10 women who you’d like to do Take the Journey with let’s get in touch and make it happen!

WHERE: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario.

HOW: Let's connect. If you’d like to join the course starting Sept 19, 2019 simply send me an email and I’ll put you on the wait list. If you and a group of friends would like to Take the Journey together, send me an email and we’ll plan it!

Your investment: $625.00 per person


  • Take the Journey guide book

  • Your personal Intention Bracelet

  • 13 online video practices

  • 9. online audio recordings

  • 6 worksheets/quizzes

  • DIY lotions and essential oils samples

  • 14 hours of instruction/guidance/exploration with Lori

Coming in 2019: Take the Journey online

This will be a series of three online modules you can do at your own pace in your own home. Each module contains:

  • a yoga-based practice videos you can follow along with

  • worksheets, self-assessments or other tools to self-reflect and connect with yourself

  • resources to dive in deeper

If you would like to be the first one to know when Module 1 is up send me an email and I’ll be sure to send you a personal note the minute it is live!

Modules will range from $15.99 to $59.99

Take the Journey for Therapeutic Recovery

A modified version of the Take the Journey course based on your needs can be created. This course can be covered by insurance in some conditions. Please contact me for details.

Your Investment: $98.00 per hour plus cost of materials as required.