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Custom Yoga Programs

Have you ever gone to a yoga class or tried an online video and felt nothing but discouraged, frustrated or worse yet injured yourself? This is quite common with classes that are made for a general audience.

Custom yoga classes consider where you are in your life right now, your particular mind-body type including your natural tendencies and predispositions, what you want to get out of your yoga practice, how much time you have to commit, your space and the props you have on hand.

Take the Journey

Take the Journey is an eight session course in self-care that unfolds over six to nine months. It combines in-studio, hands on guidance with take home practices. Together we explore simple, but powerful Ayurveda and Yoga-based practices that help you...

  • stay strong and flexible
  • find more self-compassion
  • appreciate the skin you're in at any stage of your life
  • understand your triggers and how to de-stress
  • stay optimistic in times of challenges and other tools for resilience

Take the Journey is perfect for you if you are ...

  • over 40 something and want to make practices for good health a daily ritual
  • a yoga teacher who’s wondering “what’s next” now that you’ve finished your yoga teacher training.

  Your investment: $1,100

NEW! Take the Journey: Groups.  Doing The Journey with a group of gal pals is fun and inspirational. If you know six or more women who would like to explore sweet and simple practices of self-care let's connect!

Your Dharma Key

If you want a basic, go-to practice you can easily do in 15-30 minutes, this program is for you. There are 3-1 hour sessions. You can read about how the program unfolds here. Your investment: $275