A Simple Intention Practice

Your Intention Diffuser Bracelet has 2 or 4 black porous lava stones on each side of the gemstone bead. To decide which essential oils you’d like to use, consider the guide below as a starting point. To learn more about essential oils please join me for an upcoming free workshop.

  1. Spread 1-2 drops total of essential oil across each of the lava stones. I like to stick a toothpick into my bottle of essential oil and dab a little on each lava stone.

  2. Place your bracelet on your wrist and bring your hands into prayer position with the backs of your thumbs resting between the eyebrows.

  3. Take 5 deep abdominal breaths taking in the scent of the essential oil you selected.

  4. Let the focus on your breath go and either leave your hands in position or let them rest on your lap.

  5. Repeat the suggested intention (or your own intention) 18 times using the 18 wood or seed beads (don’t count the lava stones) as a counter like a Rosary. You can watch the video demonstrating how to use the classic Intention Bracelet here. The video is password protected. Use YourIntention (case specific) to access it.



Use Vetiver on each of the lava stones if you’re feeling scattered, ungrounded or disconnected and want to feel more present, rooted in life and centered. This is a great oil to use if you have the strong need to avoid emotional pain but know you have stay in it to move through it.

Suggested Intention: Connected to the earth I feel steady and stable.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess Vata or Pitta dosha.


Use Juniper Berry to help if you’re feeling your fears are getting the better of you and want to feel more courageous and safe.

Suggested Intention: My courage is strong and unwavering.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess Vata dosha.


Use Bergamot to help if your self esteem has taken a nose dive and you want to feel loved, confident and hopeful.

Suggested Intention: I am safe and sound.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess Vata dosha

Use Chamomile to help if you’re feeling like you have a short fuse and want to feel peaceful and relaxed.

Suggested Intention: Waves of ease flow through my mind and body.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess Pitta dosha


Use Lavender to help if you’re feeling tight and constricted and want to feel at ease, free and flexible.

Suggested Intention: I let go and let things flow.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess Pitta dosha


Use Wintergreen to help if you’re feeling the need to control and you want to feel like you can let things go a bit. CAUTION: Do not use wintergreen if you are on blood thinners.

Suggested Intention: I open to perfect balance and breath.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess Pitta dosha


Use oregano to help if you’re feeling stubborn and closed minded and want to feel open to new ideas and possibilities.

Suggested Intention: I release all obstacles and realize my full potential.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess kapha dosha


Use Rosemary to help if you’re feeling physically and mentally dull and want to feel energized, clear and sharp.

Suggested Intention: I am radiant and energized.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess kapha dosha


Use Peppermint to help if you’re feeling heavy hearted and pessimistic and want to feel buoyant and optimistic.

Suggested Intention: Higher knowledge and inspiration awaken my personal truth.

Ayurveda: Reduces excess kapha dosha