Journey Details


What’s Your Elemental Type (90 mins)

Are you an inspirational Air type, a radiant Fire type or a nurturing Water type? Discover your unique elemental type and learn tools to nurture your unique nature.

In this session learn...

  • the wisdom of an ancient healing tradition

  • how knowing your elemental type helps you navigate modern life challenges

  • practical tips for reducing an "elemental overload"


  • online Ayurveda basics slide show

  • elemental type quiz

  • current condition quiz

  • mind/body profiles, dietary guidelines and lifestyle tips

Value: $120
One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session


Breathe to Relieve Stress & Anxiety (90 mins)

Learn a short practice that allows you to intentionally shift from stressed out to serene using special hand gestures and breath awareness.

In this session learn...

  • how your breathing gets distorted and why that matters

  • what your breathing patterns are and how you can make small shifts to maximize on your breath potential

  • a yoga practice to stretch and strengthen the muscles you breathe with

  • 3 key breathing techniques for energy balance

  • 5 hand gestures (mudras) that help you connect with your breath and intentionally shift your energy


  • online yoga for the breath practice video

  • worksheets to assess your breathing patterns

  • online guided meditation on the breath

  • online guided basic breathing techniques

Value: $120
One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session


The Power of Intention (90 mins)

Discover how to shift your thoughts from foe to friend using a powerful meditation technique.


  • how your thoughts effect your nervous system

  • why we tend to think the worst

  • what you can do to shift your thoughts from your worst foe to your best friend

  • a meditation practice using an Intention Bracelet that helps reshape old mental patterns


  • your personalized Intention Bracelet (value $54)

  • online practice video

  • worksheets to help you create powerful intentions.

Value: $134
One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session


Yoga for Your Type (90 mins)

Discover how you can incorporate the wisdom of an ancient healing tradition into your yoga practice to maximize its power and efficiency.


  • why certain postures, breathing practices and meditations work better than others

  • a yoga, breathing practice and meditation especially designed for your mind/body type

  • how to incorporate additional tools like essential oils, mudras and mantras into your practice


  • online practice videos

  • mudras and mantras and essential oils for your mind/body type

  • essential oil roller ball sample for your mind/body type (value $10.00)

Value: $130
One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session


Essential Oils and Gateways to Health (90 mins)

Learn how to tap into your inner pharmacy through special gateways on your body and how to use essential oil plant medicine effectively and safely.


  • how marma points clear the body's subtle energy channels

  • 3 marma point routines

  • essential oil basics and which oils to use for your mind-body type


  • receive a one hour marma point relaxation therapy session

  • marma point maps for your mind/body type

  • 3 essential oil roller bottles for your mind/body type (value $30)

Value: $150
One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session


Reboot While you Sleep (90 mins)

Experience the profound relaxation effect of time-tested Yoga Nidra meditation. All you do lay down and get comfortable while your mind and body reboot.


  • why sleep matters

  • how Yoga Nidra restores your mind and body

  • the anatomy of a Yoga Nidra class


  • receive a 1 hour live Yoga Nidra session using crystals and Tibetian Singing bowls when you Take the Journey one-one (value $80)

  • 6 online Yoga Nidra practices (value $15.99)

    Value: $135.99
    One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session


Self-Compassion and Connecting to Your Sole (90 mins)

Learn how to be kind to yourself through self-compassion and treat yourself to a sole soothing foot routine.


  • how Integrative Reflexology works to shift the nervous system into a deeply relaxed state so you can rest and recharge

  • a short routine to stretch, strengthen and soothe your feet

  • 5 gestures of self-compassion and essential oils to self soothe


  • one hour reflexology treatment

  • a lotion to soothe your sole

  • online video practice “Yoga for Your Feet”

  • 4, 1ml samplers of essential oils to self soothe

    Value: $145.00
    One-One Pay: $98.00 for this session