Love Starts with You: Yoga and the art of self-compassion

Being self overly self critical can weaken your resolve, your self confidence and ability to accomplish the very things you are striving for. Self compassion allows you to courageously create a life you love. You may be afraid self compassion is selfish or lets you off the hook. Far from it! Check out my blog for more on these myths and join me for a short yoga based practice of self compassion. The link is below. The postures, breathing, hand gestures, intention and the essential oils in the practice invite you to release feelings of sadness, grief, feeling unloved and closed off and transform those into feeling loved, supported and open.


Postures for Self Love

The postures in this routine are gently energizing and help you both release constriction, open the heart energetically and expand through the lungs and chest area physically making the breath feel more free and open.

The opening postures are balanced with postures that allow you to embrace beautiful you and show yourself kindness and compassion.

The pranayama is a simple 3-part breath with a slight retention at the end of the inhale which is gently energizing and helps release constriction around the chest and heart.

Join me to do the full practice and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more little rituals for emotional resilience.


Essential Oils for Open Hearts

Easy Air is a doTerra blend with a minty fresh airy scent. It includes a loving combo of Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cardamom, and Ravinsara.

From a physical perspective these oils make the airways feel clear and open and ease the breath.

Emotionally, they help the heart feel light, open and airy instead of closed and constricted.

To learn more about how essential oils can support your physical and emotional health book in for a free 1-hour consultation (by phone or in person). My gift of love to you!


Mudras & Mantras to Love By

Dirgha Mudra releases tension and constriction from the diaphragm and chest area. It soothes and calms feelings in the heart, cultivates inspiration and enthusiasm and can balance giving and receiving (great if you feel like you give too much or lock yourself away from love).

Your mantra is “I open to give and receive the beautiful energy of love.”

If you want to give yourself something extra special to show you care, come in for a one hour restorative relaxation therapy session.

Each session is personalized for whatever is going on with you and includes reflexology and essential oils.