Change What You Think-Change What You Feel

  • Singing Pebble Books 202 Main Street Ottawa, ON, K1S Canada

Do you ever hear yourself thinking? Are those thoughts positive and supportive or are you your own worst critic? Do you ruminate over things that have already happened or might at some point in the future?

These patterns of thinking are exhausting. Optimistic thinking on the other hand gives us more strength, resilience and energy to enjoy life.

In this workshop we explore an Intention Practice that includes some gentle yoga stretches, a grounding breathing practice and a meditation practice that uses a process of repeating an intention using a special tool called an Intention Bracelet.

Join me in this experiential workshop to learn...

  • how to recognize automatic negative thoughts and replace them with supportive, empowering thoughts that move you forward
  • how to create your own powerful intention
  • the basics of staying quiet when your brain is busy so that you can focus on your desires instead of your dreads
  • how to choose the best Intention Bracelet for your practice

Note that we will be doing some gentle yoga stretches and breathing exercises before settling into our meditation practice.

Singing Pebble Books
202 Main Street, Ottawa, ON

Please call 613-230-9165 to register.

Workshop alone: $15.00
Workshop plus Intention Bracelet Package: $39.00