Do you feel stressed out and exhausted? You have the desire to do things to take better care of yourself but when it comes down to it, you feel like you don’t have the energy. You’re definitely not alone. Many of us feel we don’t have enough energy to do the things we want. The problem is, we live in an over-stimulated society that sucks up our energy stores but we don’t take time to rebuild our energy.

Take the Journey to Reclaim Your Energy

Take the Journey is a course in self-care. It is a guided exploration of simple, but powerful Ayurveda and Yoga-based techniques to reclaim your energy so you can engage more fully in a life you love.

Take the Journey is perfect for you if you…

  • are someone who wants to get the most out of life
  • want to build a made-for-you self-care practice you can do at home
  • are a Yoga teacher or teacher in training and want to experience the 8 limbs of Yoga more fully in your own body, so you have even more confidence to teach to others
  • are in some life transition like marriage, menopause, divorce, retirement, kids coming or kids going and you’re asking yourself questions about meaning and purpose in life
  • are a Health Care Practitioner and want to build your suite of tools
  • know there’s something more to Yoga but you can’t seem to find it
  • want to learn more about how Yoga and Ayurveda can help you find more happiness, joy and contentment in life

Take the Journey is probably NOT for you if you’re happy to simply receive deeply restorative Integrative Relaxation Therapy sessions like Reflexology, Yoga Massage or Ayurvedic Yoga as a stand alone service, and/or you already have a self care routine that’s working wonderfully.

Here’s how Take the Journey works:

Take the Journey cover sm cmykOnce a month you explore a new technique in a one-one session in the studio. You leave with a customized home practice to explore for the next 4 weeks or so.  Each month you explore a new technique, building your home practice as you go.SONY DSC

To support your home practice you have:

  • 9, 1 hour private sessions including Ayurvedic consultation, Breath assessment and Breathe to Relieve Yoga practice, Ayurvedic Yoga for your specific Ayurvedic type, Reflexology, Marma Point massage, Yoga Massage, Yoga Nidra guided meditations and consultations on a made-for-you home practice that will nurture your particular nature
  • 6 videos of Yoga and self care practices to support you at home
  • 9 audio practices for your home support
  • a 148 page full colour guide book packed full of great information, practices, resources and space to journal about what you experience on your Journey
  • CD that includes three dosha-specific practices rsz_1cd-vata
  • products like  oil blends and teas to balance your Dosha, meditation tools and self-care products to make your Journey even more fun

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