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Lori Chamberland

As we go through life there are times when we struggle. In retrospect, we can often see that these struggles made us stronger, but let's face it; at the time it really feels... well, crappy!

I've found, it's a relief to have some sort of a practice of self-care when times are tough. Something you can do to help you feel more relaxed, stable, hopeful and optimistic.

In all of my years of study and practice of different kinds of self-care strategies, I have found the tools and techniques of the 5,000 year old healing tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda to be the most effective.

Let me just say, like you, I've struggled with fairly intense stress and anxiety at times in my life. When I was in my early teens and more recently, going through menopause are two examples. Although I didn't know it in my teens, the techniques I learned were things that I came to know later as yoga-based. During my transition through menopause Yoga and Ayurveda were the tether to my sane self, which I feared I had lost a few times! (If you're experiencing perimenopause or menopause, you know what I mean!)

Although I've been working in the health and wellness field for over 30 years,  in the last decade I've focused on sharing the practical and powerful tools and techniques I've learned from Yoga and Ayurveda.  For example, abdominal breathing to ease away a feeling of panic, yoga postures for mental and physical stability, mantra meditation to help stay more optimistic and a unique meditation technique called Yoga Nidra for deep restoration.

I invite you to join me to learn about self-care practices in a very hands-on, experiential way. Come and Take the Journey or book an hour of Reflexology or Yoga Marma Massage.

If you're curious about my formal training in the area of yoga and Ayurveda you can find my credentials here

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