Intention Tools

Intention Bracelets and malas come with supporting tools to help you start and stick with your meditation practice including videos you can follow along with and worksheets to help you write your own powerful intentions. If you have your bracelet click here to access your intention tools.

Take the Journey

Each module in the Take the Journey program comes with supporting online materials. Personalized yoga practices, meditation practices and self-care rituals are some of the tools you'll find right here.

Ayurveda Basics

If you're curious about the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, here's a brief overview to give you a good foundation for learning more about your unique elemental type.

Dosha Quiz

Find out if you have an elemental overload, what that means for your mind and body and what you can do about it!

Do a brief online quiz here. This brief quiz tells you what your current elemental overload (dosha) is. (You’ll also get some suggestions for which Intention Bracelet can help bring you back into balance.)

Download the Current Imbalance quiz for a more refined assessment of your current elemental overload.

Download the Birth Constitution quiz to discover your natural elemental type.

Need some help interpreting your results? Book a free consultation by clicking the “Book Online” button and choosing “Free Consultation” under the “Appointments” tab.