Penny, Manager, Federal Government

“Lori’s Reflexology treatments help me feel stronger and more empowered as a result. I have more confidence to deal with future challenges that come my way. Thank you Lori. ” 

Dr. Josee Labrosse, M.D., MEd. Medical psychotherapist and health coach

“Thank you for creating and inviting me to experience Take the Journey as one of the first explorers. This unique program fills an important need. You introduce and guide us safely, respectfully, and expertly to discover ways to better support our health and wellbeing, in a way that is personalized and can be integrated into daily life. I highly recommend this program. "

Trina, Workshop participant  

“The inspiration I felt from your workshop continues to resound with me! The integrity with which your programs are run is really impressive!”

Debbie, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

“I received my Intention Bracelet last night. Your program exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love it. Your program and practice is far superior to anything I have come across. Thank you for intersecting my path.”