Chloe Guindon — Photographer, Windward Studio

Take the Journey helped me notice just how much I had been neglecting myself. It gave me a bit of a jolt to realize I could include self-care in my day-to-day routines. 

Like any mom of young children it’s always a challenge to try to find dedicated time for myself.  Since doing Take the Journey I am more aware of the fact that I need to make time for things that are just for me. Whether it’s a reflexology session, something as simple as rubbing my feet or doing a five minute meditation before bed when I’m feeling particularly antsy or stressed, Take the Journey has given me a wonderful set of tools to work with. 


Shannon Dobson, Account Representative

Lori creates a safe space in Take the Journey.  As she takes you through the different steps of the course there is a feeling of being able to be open and honest about what works for you and what doesn't.  There was never a feeling of judgement or agenda from Lori. This is about what self care works best for the person on the Journey and Lori is wonderful at facilitating this.

Judy Silvestro, Associate Partner, Avenai

The Take the Journey course helped me understand how important listening to your body and soul is to your health.  Since I started the course I am able to apply practices in my every day life and actually make myself feel better. 

Dr. Josee Labrosse, M.D., MEd. Medical Psychotherapist and Health Coach

I am grateful to Lori for creating and inviting me to experience Take the Journey as one of the first explorers. This unique program fills an important need. Lori introduces and guide us safely, respectfully, and expertly to discover ways to better support our health and wellbeing, in a way that is personalized and can be integrated into daily life. I highly recommend this program. 

Michaela Green, Graphic Designer

I participated in the Take the Journey course on self-care and compassion with a small group of ladies. It was a wonderful way for me to learn and practice new ways of managing anxiousness and fatigue.

From brief personalized yoga practices to food choices, meditation to essential oils, the abundance of information provided helped me to find what works best for me. Take the Journey is flexible learning that helped me find my own physical, mental and emotional balance.

Joan Tyler, Take the Journey Course Participant

One of the things that stood out for me during the course was Lori's enthusiasm, honesty and kindness as the Take the Journey leader.   The way Lori opened up to us as a group was such a good example of how to be loving and respectful of ourselves.  

I believe strongly in yoga as a lifelong holistic practice, particularly the postures, the breathing exercises and meditation.  It was great to be reminded of the deeper aspects of a yoga practice, not just the postures.  Lori introduced me to other tools including the Mudras and Aromatherapy, which also make sense to me because of the connection to our nervous system, the senses of touch and smell.  

Penny, Manager, Federal Government

“Lori’s Reflexology treatments help me feel stronger and more empowered as a result. I have more confidence to deal with future challenges that come my way. Thank you Lori. ” 

Trina, Workshop participant  

“The inspiration I felt from your workshop continues to resound with me! The integrity with which your programs are run is really impressive!”

Debbie, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

“I received my Intention Bracelet last night. Your program exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love it. Your program and practice is far superior to anything I have come across. Thank you for intersecting my path.”