Session 1

Discover Your Dosha
Find out if you’re a fiery Pitta imaginative Vata or a grounded Kapha and how knowing your dosha type allows you to make choices in your life that nurtures your nature rather than undermining your health.

Session 2

Breathe to Relieve
Practice a short yoga routine and hand gestures called mudras that help you connect to your most important self-care tool: your breath and receive your personal "mudra prescription".

Session 3

Yoga for Your Dosha
Find out how certain yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations can keep you balanced, grounded and energized and take home your own personal practice.

Session 4

Relax with Reflexology
Learn a foot care routine that nourishes your whole body and receive a blissful reflexology treatment.

Session 5

Marma Point Massage
Learn a simple routine that allows you to access your "inner pharmacy" through special points on the body and receive a marma therapy treatment.

Session 6

Restorative Yoga
Learn some feel-good restorative yoga postures you can do to help you feel open, supported and rejuvenated and receive a restorative yoga massage treatment.

Session 7

Dinacharya: Developing Your Ritual of Self-Care
Review all of the things you've learned on The Journey and put them into a daily personalized practice you can easily commit to and stick with.

Session 8

Yoga Nidra: The sleep of self-discovery
Yoga Nidra is described as the jewel of the yoga tradition. Learn why one hour of this unique form of guided meditation is like three hours of sleep when you receive your personal Yoga Nidra session.

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