Session 1

Discover Your Dosha
Find out if you’re a fiery Pitta imaginative Vata or a grounded Kapha and how knowing your dosha type allows you to make choices in your life that nurtures your nature rather than undermining your health.

Session 2

Breathe to Relieve
Practice a short yoga routine and hand gestures called mudras that help you connect to your most important self-care tool: your breath. 

Session 3

Yoga for Your Dosha
Find out how certain yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations can keep you balanced, grounded and energized.

Session 4

Relax with Reflexology
Discover a foot care routine that nourishes your whole body.

Session 5

Marma Point Massage
Learn a simple routine that allows you to access your "inner pharmacy" through special points on the body.

Session 6

Restorative Yoga
Learn some feel-good restorative yoga postures you can do to help you feel open, supported and rejuvenated. The in-studio session includes gentle stretches and assists to help you maximize the awesomeness of this practice. 

Session 7

Dinacharya: Developing Your Ritual of Self-Care
Review all of the things you've learned on The Journey and put them into a daily personalized practice you can easily commit to and stick with.

Session 8

Yoga Nidra: The sleep of self-discovery
Yoga Nidra is described as the jewel of the yoga tradition. Celebrate your Journey with this deeply restorative guided meditation that will cement your intentions to continue a life time of self-compassion and self-care.

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