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Session 1: Assessment

We figure out what your Mind-Body type is according to an ancient healing tradition called Ayurveda (the sister-science to yoga).  This helps us figure out which postures, breathing techniques and meditation techniques will be most helpful for you. We also look at lifestyle and diet and design a custom Intention Bracelet to help you with your meditation practice.

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Session 2: Test Drive Your Yoga Practice

We go through your practice and make any modifications we need to. We also create a 15 minute quickie practice and a longer 30-40 minute practice. Both incorporate postures, breathing and meditation. Plus: You get your custom Intention Bracelet! After session 2 you are all set to do your custom practice.

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Session 3: Review & Refine

After a few weeks of testing out your practice, we do one final session together to make sure we’ve ironed out any kinks and answered any questions you might have.